Wednesday, January 18, 2012

my new journey

being pregnant is indeed a journey. i have only been pregnant for 3 months now and i have already been through alot. well, not really the negative things that comes to mind.

being pregnant is indeed a wonderful blessing for me, but sometimes, you just dont feel so good when you are.. ( whoever said being pregnant is easy).

first of all, there are lots of things to consider and to be cautious of everything.

food- there is an excuse to eat a little more than you should without people telling you regarding overeating BUT that is if you are allowed to eat your favorite food! during pregnancy, there are some food that you can't eat as it could harm the baby. so before enjoying your favorite dish, ask first if you are allowed to eat it. also, for those who does not eat veggies and fruits , well, this time you have no choice if you want your child to be healthy. (yes, i must confess, i dont eat veggies much, but learning to eat them now as there is a need)

second, things that we used to do, sometimes are forbidden or rather not recommended. which also have the advantage and disadvantages. just like doing household chores and lifting heavy things, in my part atleast, i have always been used to stand independently and do all my household chores on my own. i would clean my room, do the laundry and wash the dishes, but now, im not even allowed to do any of those. my hubby actually does it for me. which is an advantage but the thing is, as much as you would like to help out to atleast do something, while waiting for time to pass by, you cant, and with that, you get bored. you also can't move as fast as you used to as you need to be careful in staining your body. slipping should be avoided, and sometimes even taking a bath during evenings even if your used to taking a shower before you go to sleep.

third is mood swings. being pregnant gives you the right to be a brat to some extent, but mood swings can ruin not only your mood but also of your partner.

and lastly, body changes and reactions. changes and reactions differ with every pregnant woman. others would not feel a thing except their belly getting bigger each month but some??? well they do suffer specially during the first trimester. me for example, my first 2 months of pregnancy is bliss! well not really but i dont really crave and no nausea nor dizziness. only headache at times and tenderness of breast but as the 3rd month approaches, i started vomitting, feeling nausea, headache and dizziness and backache and mind you, they stike anytime of the day or in my case, at night. also feel the urge of going to the cr to urine more often, even during the wee hours. another change you will notice is ofcourse you not being able to fit your favorite jeans unless its atleast 3x your size. lol. your hips expanding and your tummy getting bigger. there are also times you will experience cramps, bloatedness and God knows what else.

but inspite of those painful and blissful experiences, by the end of the day, you will still feel bless for that little life growing inside you and indeed, you will always say that they are worth the little sacrifices you had to give up just to have them in this world.


Nadh said...

Ooooh! Congrats! :D may u and the baby be blessed with good health! :))

nahj said...

thanks nadh :)

Philippine Wedding Resources said...

Good luck to your new journey !

Dave Pascht said...

Nice post!

randy said...

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