Thursday, January 24, 2013

Its been a while...

It has been a while indeed when I last posted here. Been quite busy indeed.

With what you may ask? Well with being a career mom..

Yes a working mom. NEVER have I imagined to have been full time mom. I have always said to myself that even if I have my own family, I cannot settle in being a housewife or else I would go crazy!

But one thing that I didn't anticipate? Its not easy as you think it is.

There will be times that you will come at your wits end specially when your too tired. Good thing I have a very loving supportive partner who takes care of my unico iho :).

There would be times arguement would arise and most of the time it will be just petty reasons. BUT what is important is that you get to be stronger as a couple,,, as a family.

I consider myself blessed inspite of every trial. There would be times I never thought I will ever survive or get through financially. But its really true that God will indeed provide. We just have to have faith...

And my lucky charm? Indeed my family.

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