Monday, November 21, 2011

a miracle indeed..

there was a point in my life i almost gave up on loving.. glad i didnt!

these past few months has been a busy time for me.. specially because of the fact.. i came back to being active in church.

because of my bestfriend, who wanted to regain the adventist youth spirit, he used me to basically stand as a representative/spokesperson to have the activities and the youth join in. with this, i started going to church again, gaining new friends and catching up with the old ones too..

there are alot of pressure, stress, (talk about being a shock absorber) and most of all, fun fun fun.That is what these activities is all about.

within a small period of time, inspite of feeling old (due to most of the youth are indeed youth age ranging 13 - 24) i simply cant help but reminice our "time" and that made me realized how much i've missed being with my adventist "me". i missed being active in church activies, as it has been a while i laylowed in such.

not only had i gained friends, but was able to catch up with old ones. them being mostly married.. ika nga, napagiiwanan na daw ako ng panahon.. lol. well, i guess not anymore..

during the period of getting busy serving Him.. He apparently gave me a gift that i least expected.

The one..

yes, because of these activities, i got to meet the person i think is my perfect match.. some may think its a whirlwind romance.. but for us, its seems we've been together for so long.

in a short span of time, we decided to basically live together, and now.. we are about to have a little bundle of joy.

its a weird and wonderful feeling inspite of the feeling of uneasiness. its my first time to actually feel such.

now i better understand when mothers say, "iba talaga ang feeling ng nagbubuntis at pagiging ina". kahit hirap, kahit feeling mo pagod ka, kakayanin mo, para sa magiging anak mo.. i may not have felt too well lately, but i am taking extra na precautionary measure pa to take care of myself. little pressures are no longer allowed for me, and im much thankful my mom inlaw is indeed very supportive. everyone are just so excited, specially me and leo.

i really cant feel what they call "paglilihi" unless frequent headache, dizziness and mood swings are part of it. also, my appetite had greatly increased! :(.

also feel a little awkward as a feel little abdomenal cramps, upon research and according to my OB, these could be normal, but still needs to be careful. it could end up as an ectopic, specially that the result of my lab pregnancy test is positive weak.

i had to take some meds and vitamins and drink milk to keep me healthy and make sure the baby will keep hanging on.. lets keep praying for that..

but for now, i am enjoying the feeling of about to be a mom, at my age, i hope i wont be having anything too complicated for me, my hubby and our baby to handle..

indeed, this little life inside me is a miracle and a blessing indeed..


Anonymous said...

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There is always a miracle!