Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Reposting : Fraud

you may think this is a continuation of what happened to me last time.. well sort of.

you see, the article about a fraud case? is actually not true.. it was a story made up by someone who we thought was a friend.

yes, a so called friend who i accepted in my life with no "buts" but all she did was swindle all i ever had. (accepted in a sense that "tinanggap ko sya bilang tao at pinaka harapan bilang tao).
and what is more painful is that.. she was accepted here at home without anything else to wear, nothing to eat and no money to spend. and she was able to do all this to me.. to us..

admittedly, i feel ashamed of what happened but what the heck, it is not my fault at all! she was good! she was good in showing she was the victim. she was never one. she had always been the mastermind of everything. all the characters she came up with, are all ficticious! from the "friend" sa bank to the attorney at law who handled the case to the vice president of the bank. all where just lies.

there was even a story where she claimed she was a battered child and her mom is a battered wife and a case was filed against her dad. a story that her mom was hit by a trike and was in coma that time. and her mom was operated for cataract and the hospital wont provide them a promisory note for them to go out due to non payment. and even her alibies over the holidays just so she need not come to work. she was a best actress and definitely she deserves an oscar!

and what's worse is the after shock of everything. i have lots of credit card bills to pay. and all those "utang" just to come up with the "trial" money.

what i can't understand is.. how can anyone be so heartless for her family. she had to make up stories about her mom dying, her father hurting her, her mom being in the hospital, and her brother being stranded in Manila and she had to go back there to pick him up. all tragic stories had all been made up. we dont even know at all if there is such truth with what she told us at all. i for myself definely wont make up such stories about my family. specially my parents.

lesson learned.. never trust anyone that easily specially when money matters are bad i guess.

trust is very important in every relationship whether it be friendship, work relationship etc.. but once the trust has been broken, it can never be gained back. so take care of it. learn to be true to the people who had been true to you. karma will definitely get back at you.maybe that's the reason why you are feeling all kinds of sickness. kasi binabalikan ka ng conscience mo..

to you: i treated you as a friend.. a confidante.. and trusted you. all the while i thought totoong tao ka.. everything was eventually lies! di ako nagpapatanaw ng utang na loob, pero sa ganitong sitwasyon, ikaw ang taong literal na walang utang na loob...

Just in case you may encounter her :
Details :

Name : Cezairleen Cabrera Mangila
Nick : Cezzy, Cez, Cezois, Cezairleen Mangila, Cezairleen
Location : Mexico Pampanga
Birthday : December 17

She may make up stories about her family just like she did to us. In case you may encounter her, check out her picture.

another picture of Cez


Anonymous said...

Correct! Never trust this person.. I was also one of her victim.. Karma is on its way to you BITCH!

nahj12 said...

hahaha.. yeah! karma is a Bitch according to Ann P. :D

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