Sunday, April 4, 2010

shattered dreams...

If youre not the one for me..
Why am I feeling this way
I know for a fact.. we could never be..
But you are the one.. who can brighten my day

A simple text.. or the sound of your voice
Makes my heart beat fast.. i could hear it above the noise
What is it in you that I can never resist..
My head says no.. but my heart still insist.

Everytime you tell me, how much I mean to you..
that you still feel the same, the way that I do
It makes my heart sing yet it puzzles me too
Why you have to tell me this.. is it because, your intentions are true?

We know for a fact, that we can never be together
With her by your side.. I know that would be forever..
I am a friend, and i'll always be here..
No matter what happens, I'll always be near..

So spare me from loving you more than I already do
Don't tell me things, useless it would be for me and you..
I dont know what to feel, whenever you say its true
That your feelings never changed.. and you never want to see me blue..

I wish its that easy.. for me to say.. I love you too..
Without having to doubt or fear.. that you have someone new..
Cause my heart has been fragile, it had always bled for you..
I wish I could have you.. a dream I know.. will never come true..


Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Malungkot na poem. :-(

Shattered ka pa rin talaga.

Well, kahit ganun, hopin' you are havin' a nice evening.

nahj12 said...

thanks ishmael.. yeah.. it brings out the inner me.. kulang nalang.. iuntog ko ulo ko sa pader.. para lang matauhan.. lol

Anonymous said...

palagay ko crush ka na ishmael :)

nahj12 said...

anon.. lolz.. bakit mo naman nasabi? binulong ba nya sa yo.. joke! peace ismael..

Anonymous said...

uyyyy... di nagrereact si Ishmael... Nahiya ata. Joke lang yun.