Monday, March 29, 2010

Bidding Goodbye..

I miss the times you are with me
and the times you make me smile..
Inspite of where.. your heart must be..
You will always be a love worthwhile..

I've loved you for the longest time..
And all the while.. I've wished youre mine..
But not all dreams,, are made to come true..
Some are just there.. to keep me from being blue..

You'll always be the love I never had..
Someone who had always hurt me so bad..
Someone who washed away my fears..
Someone who had caused me all of these tears..

Sometimes, I just can't understand fate..
It makes you happy you found your mate..
But little did you know.. he is not meant for you..
He is just here to show.. not all fairy tales come true

Often my thoughts, would be reminded of you..
Thinking pleasant things.. the memories that have given hue..
The wonderful smile.. I see in your eyes..
Blissful and serene.. everything is just so nice..

I miss the touch of your hand close to mine..
The warmth of your stare that melts me inside..
The times when you say.. you are oh so divine..
the times when in silence, you are still by my side..

Someday I know, this will have to end..
Facing reality.. that you are just a friend..
Who loves me too.. but not the way I do..
I'm bidding goodbye.. for a love that never grew..


Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Awww...ang sad naman nito. Hmmm...

nahj12 said...

yeah.. sad no.. thanks for dropping by Ishmael..

Civ said...

Really tragic...

nahj12 said...

lol.. salamat sa pagdan civ ;)

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Peace! :-D