Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I've always been hesistant to buy things/items over the internet. After all, can you blame me for doing so? Aside from the fact, I know how it works on the back end... anyway, I was browsing for a mini laptop bag one day, and I came across one seller in the ebay site selling handmade laptop bags. It does not appear like a laptop bag but a casual lady bag. which I prefer so as not to appear I am bringing my lappy along with me right? Anyway, you are also given the option to choose the colour of the butterfly for the bag (also a separate design for a big flower is also available. They also have a separate product for bigger lappy (12 -15 inches) mine is just for the 10" version. just want to share it with you.

It came with a accessory of a cute little flower.

Here is the actual bag

and here is the close up version of the butterfly :)

I chose the color Royal Blue and pink combination. So girly no? not the usual me.. but its nice.. I so love it..

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