Thursday, March 25, 2010

Own thoughts..

When words are being said.. they can never be erased. Most of the time.. words are more powerful than of a weapon. Physical wound can always be healed but emotional pain and wounds are harder to cure.Sometimes they never will be..

Learn to appreciate the people around you.. the simple things that they do.. or one day.. just with one word.. you could make the biggest mistake of your life.

I am saying this .. because.. I guess this is what I am undergoing now.. right now.. I feel so abused.. not physically.. but emotionally. Its is painful to feel that even the person you think would never let you down, failed you. failed you BIG TIME.

After all this time.. I still go unappreciated.. its like I was never a great part of your life.. a big help in your daily life.. You are trying to make me feel I am nothing at all.. If that is the case.. I will let you prove it.. its about time I think of myself as you always thought I do.. Sacrifices has been made.. but you never heard from me.. I gave everything I have and you think.. its not enough.. You have no right to question me.. where I go, spend my time and money.. because I worked for it. You have no right to tell me I should do this and that.. I am old enough to know my limitations and my own capabilities..

I do hope you know.. I will be doing this not because I want to take revenge.. but I want you to realize how much you have hurt me.. how low you have made me feel.. how much sacrifice I have been giving.. for you.. I want you to see my worth in your life.. I promised my self I will be tougher.. I will be stronger.. I guess its about time.. to live on my own.. but I hope you will always remember.. I love you dearly.. and I miss you... :'(


Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

There is a sage who said the the tounge is sharper than the sword.

Many deaths and sufferings were created because of using this part of body carelessly. I do hope that you get over of your pain.

Remember this, every pain will leave a scar unto our hearts but it will also leave us tougher.

God bless you.

nahj12 said...

thanks for that dearie..

Civ said...

Time heal inner wounds...

nahj12 said...

sana nga.. I cant help but miss my own sister.. kahit andyan lang sya. .:(

Civ said...

Grieve... be sad... cry... then heal.