Thursday, March 25, 2010

Until When

Every morning.. I get awaken.. by the cry of a young child.. being "disciplined" by her father. It seems to me.. that she always seems to do the wrong thing. I would even hear the father say.. "you didnt do as I told you to do.. wash the dishes, take care of your brother, why are you teasing your sister, why didnt you do this.. why didnt you do that.. " In the first place, is it your child's obligation to do the dishes and look after her younger siblings.. WHILE you just lie.. watch television all day? drink all you want.. and simply be a burden to everyone in the community? As a father.. you ought to be the provider. You should be an example to your kids.. and there never was a day you portrayed that role. Do you really think you have the right to even touch your kid? I feel pissed off especially when I see kids with bruises.. yes.. real bruises caused by the father's way of discipline. If this is the way you were raised.. shouldnt you be more considerate with your children? If life treats you bad because of every mistake you have done.. why let your kids suffer from your temper. They are just kids, yes.. they maybe your kids.. they are just your kids.. their life isnt your property and you have no right to abuse them because you are their father. Dont you think.. it would be more painful to hear your child say someday "You were never a father..". I know.. I am not a parent yet. But simply hearing those words.. would be like a knife stabbed into my heart.. Well.. unless ofcourse.. there is no conscience in you.. I do hope you will just wake up from a long sleep.. realizing how important your children are. and not take advantage of the fact.. that just because you are an adult and their father.. you have the right.. to just do whatever you want, even if it means hurting your child physically, and emotionally. And I do hope that when that child grows up.. she will still have the respect for you.. a respect.. I know you don't deserve.

PS: Its a good thing I have great parents.. and I am proud to have them. And I would never do anything, to make them ashamed of me.


Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Grrrr....that father should be given a beating. How dare hurt a powerless child. Couldn't he pick his own size? Does beating the child keep him feel that he still have an authority in this world? That someone is still afraid of him?

What he is doing may create where his child pass on his way of parenting to her children.

That is so wrong. Something must be done about it.

nahj12 said...

exactly.. most likely.. he only picks on someone smaller than him..

Civ said...

I don't see a father... I see a selfish bully.

nahj12 said...

Civ? Denizen? - yup.. a selfish bully.. grrr

Civ said...

Yes... and it seems your last 2 blog entries are somehow linked.

nahj12 said...

linked.. yeah.. a very tight link indeed.. but not quite..

how have you been?