Saturday, July 5, 2008


Just in the Nick of time, you came into my life
And despite of it all, accepted me fully
Very special, this is how you made me feel
Inspiring me to move on and try again
Every words you say, every act you do
Retains in my heart forever will be cherished
Moment wouldn't pass without a thought of you
Only reminds me, how lucky I am to have you
Understanding and communication, I very much appreciate
Loving me completely, and always being there.
I feel so blessed to have you here with me
Can I keep you forever, I wouldn't want you to leave
Valuing the relationship that's how we would last
I'll forever be grateful for the love that you've shown
Long distance I know could be difficult indeed
Love would find its way if we really are who is meant
Always will I love you, I hope you know that
Never will I give up, inspite of all the trials to come
Unfulfilled dreams, could they finally come true
Every single promises, could they all this time be fulfilled
Visibility of your love, is evident for always
And that is what made me love you more

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Twyla said...

Thanks for writing this.