Saturday, July 5, 2008


The first time I met you, I never thought I'd fall

I never even thought, you'll be the I'd adore

I never had imagined, I would even get to know you

For during those times, we both have our own lives.

Few years had past, haven't heard from each other

Never crossed my mind, I'd be seeing you again.

Could it be a coincidence, or its fate that is

That bought us together, to be as friends and our paths to meet

Thinking about it, it could be were meant to be friends

But could it be destiny, for me to fall for you

It could be for learning, or simply to make me feel it

To make me realize, I could love once again

I was hurt once before, and thought I could never stand up

But you gave me hope for love to grow once more

Your presence put a smile in my heart

Though sometimes it aches, I hate for you to be apart.

I feel so happy, whenever I see you

Though most of the time, I try not to

For hurting is destined, I fear

Cause your still owned by another you love dear

Why does it always have to be me in the losing side..

I never did something wrong but to love

You said you love me and you don't want to lose me

The feeling is mutual, your my life, your my all

But if loving you, keeps hurting someone else,

I'd rather give you up than suffer in the end

Selfish of me you may say, but i'd rather feel the pain now,

Than happiness now and misery in the end

I never want to give you away

How I wish you could always stay

And if its destiny that bought us back together

This time, more than friends, then I'll gladly accept the offer

You know how much I love you, you know how much I care

But time would not permit us to be together

Maybe its not yet time, maybe its not for now

Or maybe, just maybe, it was never meant to be

Bye for now my friend, for I have to dissapear in this cruel world I'm in

But please be assured, I'm here, I'll never leave your side

As I have always promised, I'll always be your guide

I LOVE YOU my dearest FRIEND..

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