Saturday, July 5, 2008

Letting Go.. Moving On

What ever happened to us?

What happened to the love that I thought would last

The promise of holding on to each other

Was broken and it seems, you just didn't bother

What have I done to deserve this pain

All I did was I learned to love again

But would all the time, love would be this way?

Will it always end up and making me gray?

Friendship begun within us, we started out right

Until it felt so constant, we made each other's day bright

I thought at last I finally found you

The one I thought would make my dream come true

I guess it was wrong for me to think

That in spite of distance, you've really fallen for me

But then you were gone in an instant, like a blink

Just like how you came into my life and filled it with glee

You left me no choice but to end all this

I guess I really have to say goodbye

As much as I would like to keep you in my life

Which I thought all the while you are my forever bliss..

Goodbye to you my Angel, forever you'll be a part of me

The one who once made me what I am to be

Forever I'll be grateful for the memories although short

They will remain in the its for whatever its worth

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