Saturday, July 5, 2008


We started out as strangers, a person i barely know
And wouldn't even bother to say hi and hello
But then you came to me, like a lightening bolt that struck
Ever since the day, I have known the real you

At first, I would not even care, if i wouldn't see your face
But now i feel so lonely, I feel so lost and in a daze
Cause now its not my eyes that longed to see your smile
It is my heart that seeks you, and I don't even try

Of all the people I know, why am I so attracted to you
When you won't even bother, to see this feelings full of hue
But who am i to you, a stranger you won't care for
Someone you barely see, someone who seems to love you more

You seem so near, yet so far
And just a look at you makes my heart scar
For I know, you have someone else in your heart
Someone so precious, and you don't even want to part

If I'd be given a chance to tell you how I feel
I'd rather keep quiet and show you this is for real
For no words can compare, what I have for you inside
I love you more than anything, this feeling I tried to hide

I hope and I pray, that if it is not meant to be
I'd like to stop loving, before the pain could kill me
It hurts me so much, whenever I see you
Because I know, I can never have you...

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