Saturday, July 5, 2008

Could it be you?

I lie awake at night, trying to not to think of you
Not knowing what to say, not knowing what to do
I see you every time, and you never fail to make me smile
Even just a glimpse from afar, I feel I can walk a thousand miles

What have you done to make me feel like this?
I don't think I deserve to feel this way
I was just silent and having the time of my life
Until you came and ruin it, by dropping that wonderful smile

You serve as an inspiration, in my day to day life
You're the one that keeps me going on, moving up till I reach the top
In my life that seems to begin to falter
You were there at the right time, being my crying shoulder

But every time, I thought of you,
And all the possibilities in the world
I can't seem to wonder, will I ever get to keep you?
Or would you just pass by just like how the others did?

I do hope you will stay, and keep my heart protected
From falling once again and leave my soul unmended
I never want to love again, until you came along
Please let it be the last, its you, I want and nothing more.

I need no more of pain, for that is what I grew up on
So please, tell me you'll stay, that it was you all along
The one that I've been waiting for all my life's journey
And the person, who I can say, that is really meant for me.

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