Saturday, July 5, 2008


We started out as strangers, hi and hello would do

Until the day you told me, "can i be friends with you?"

We began to talk, have casual conversations

Even to the point, we share sweet revelations

Never even thought, we could come this far

Having different personalities in particular

We get along well, and so they say

This could be a way, to turn night into day

But suddenly a halt was made

For what reasons, I am unaware

I tohught you are the one who could have stayed

Obviously I was wrong to assume you were rare

No one else is to blame with this

Only me who assumed, this way is for bliss

Or was I right to have felt the way I did

Its only you who is on denial on what our hearts can read

I'm now in pain, so I'm letting you go

I don't want this feeling, nor don't plan to let you know

You've hurt me enough for me to keep pretending

That I'm okay but deep inside I'm dying

Just walk away and leave me alone

Leave me here to sober and mourn

Tomorrow will be a brand new day for me

Something to look forward to, something to fill my heart with glee.

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