Saturday, July 5, 2008


Why am I feeling so blue?
Every time that your not here
Could it be because I'm missing you
and maybe because, I want you near

I keep asking myself, lying awake at night
why should i be missing you, If you were never at my side
I know i should not fall, for i don't have the right
For you don't even care for this feelings I try to hide

Silly me for wanting you, Stupid me for loving you
How could I ever thought you'd feel the same way too
When you are too busy seeking for someone new
Rather than looking at me whose always behind you.

I don't ever want to feel this way
Don't let me love you further than I do
For I know, my heart will just be gray
Since I know, I can't be with you

Just walk away now, and leave me alone
While I can still stand even on my own
While I can still survive my day to day
Since I can never ever make you stay.

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