Friday, July 4, 2008

In Denial

I tried to ignore you...I tried to forget you...

I tried to forget the fact that i'm falling for you..

I tried to stay away from the person that brightens my day

I tried to let go.. but the feelings just dont fade away

What do I have to do.. for me to get over you...

What do you want me to say.. for me to be on my way

You are only hurting me, although you dont intend to

You always make me wonder, how life would be with you

I tried to fight this feeling, I have inside of me

I guess I keep denying, that this thing is meant to be

It could be for teaching me lessons that i need to learn

Or simply you are the one, who would love me faithfully

How I wish that I could read your mind..

And not just guess what is there to find

Unclear of signs that you are leaving behind

It could be you are just being so kind

I wanted to tell you, how much I longed for you

But I don't know if you feel the same way too

I'm tired of guessing.. i'm scared of assuming

I'm tired of getting hurt cause I keep on falling

Maybe somewhere.. somehow .. someday

You'll have enough courage to speak up and say

What am I to you... and what you really feel

And not just keep on guessing what's the real deal

Whenever I feel down or whenever I feel blue

My day just seems complete even for just a glimpse of you

I hope someday you'll find, that in your heart you'll see

You are the one I'm looking for.. the one that's meant for me..

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