Friday, July 4, 2008


What have I done to deserve this pain
When all I did was love you in vain
I gave you everything, my heart and my soul
But all you did was just let me fall

I thought i have fin'lly found, the best man for me
But then all this time, I was just too blind to see
That everything for you, is just a game to play
Whereas I thought, you're the only one to brighten my day

At first, everything has been running smoothly
We loved each other and even promised eternity
But where have all the promises gone
They just disappeared completely without knowing what I've done

Memories is all I have left of you
Although short, I can definitely say its full of hue
Forever they'll be cherished , no matter what
In spite of this pain, I'll still thank you for that

Letting you go is hard to do
But its better this way, than to remain untrue
I know I'm not really the real love you're looking for
Your still holding on to the past, She's the one, I know you adore.

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