Friday, July 4, 2008

is this finally goodbye?

bidding goodbye.. is difficult..
for my heart still yearns for you
you have been part of my life..
and I'll surely be miss you so
I wonder what will happen..
If I will ever be the same..
cause you have been part of my bliss
the memories, i never will forget..
thank you for the genuine smile,
the laughters are indispensable
you always seem to brighten my day..
It won't be complete without you
but no matter, how much i want you to stay...
this pain inside keeps killing me slowly
not knowing.. if you feel the same
Cause you wont even tell me just what I am to you


dylan said...

wow fren! atin naka rin blog! congratulatons! hihhii

nahj12 said...

lol friend.. wa pin.. keni ke bugnus ing gan sakit lub.. lolz

Jules said...

OMG! congrats hannah! :D for the pink blog go! :D hahaha