Friday, March 11, 2011

rainbow after the rain

after what happened to me.. sometimes i cant help but feel down and feel a little pity for myself.. specially now that i have to be more thrifty for things i used to enjoy. coffee at starbucks, yummy desserts,cravings for dishes i miss eating, travelling to places and buying things for my self.. i have to adjust and sacrifice spending for so many things that i previously have no problem on spending to before. - sino ba naman ang di madedepress nun! feeling deprived of things you are working hard for just to enjoy. now i am working for something i didn't even enjoy cause someone had spent it for someone else.. pathetic how people would do anything just to get the attention of the person they like. even if it means stealing and tellings lies for the money. and even putting the lives of their love ones on the line. talk about buying "love".

but inspite of what happened.. i have learned alot. about trusting, paying attention to details, saving up and friendship.

i thank God for having friends.. true friends. unlike "her" who needs to buy people just to be accepted. too bad, money can't buy everything.

whenever i feel depressed or down because of lack of money to spend, i just think things over and count my blessings. i still manage to face my collegues at work with no shame at all, i have friends who understand and willing to help out anyway they can, i can still manage to eat and keep my self nourished just to get me through each day, inspite of hunger, atleast its not starvation.. lol.. , i can still smile and have fun without having to worry what to scheme on next. i dont have to lie and make some excuses just to get what i want. i have a job to which i earn just right so i could live and survive, i have my family to whom inspite of the "sermon" still is there to support me. and ofcourse to Him, that inspite of all i've done, being inactive in church, and sometimes neglecting Him, still His presence was never gone. He makes it a point that i survive and blessings keep coming in specially when i needed them most. and indeed, it gives truth to the saying "there is always a rainbow after the rain" and even if there is an aftermath, atleast after the aftermath, it will just remain a memory, a memory that made us learn and be stronger, tougher and braver. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

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thehappywife said...

nice post. God bless you. :)