Saturday, February 12, 2011


random thoughts are entering my mind
searching frantically hoping that i would find
the words to express how i really feel right now
the pain inside me, conquers my life somehow

im struggling to stand up and make this work out
but if it would only be me, then i'll just let you out
no need to think of any reasons, excuses or lies
to keep others happy but you being cold as ice

it pains me to think.. to go through this again
risking for happiness with you and me till the end
i dont want to regret what i had with you
but with the way things are.. it seems theres no choice but do

i only wanted to feel how much you love me..
if its for real, its not too much to ask,, really
a simple hug, and a warm embrace
the look in your eyes when you just smile and gaze

it's difficult for me to let go of you;
inspite of what you've done and made me go through
i guess i ought to say.. this is finally goodbye
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1 comment:

RJ said...

So sad. You had to let go of someone. I feel the pain. Enjoy life sis. There's still fish in the sea.