Monday, February 21, 2011


who would have thought.. i for once will be experiencing such! i have gone through alot of stress for the past few months.. but the most stressful thing is having nothing else to spend because someone else took your money!

good thing,,, God is indeed good! He surrounded me with friends who are indeed good hearted..

you see, what happened was, we were doing some online transaction cause a friend of mine need to transfer her cash on my account as her atm was lost.. when i checked my balance... the money were there together with mine.. the following day, as i decided i need to withdraw, i checked my balance online.. as i did.. i was debited the whole amount together with my friend's money!

how could this happen, i didnt even visited the atm machine yesterday and early the next day. so i tried checking my balance again and again. possible error.. but its not.. then i checked my withdrawal transactions.. and poof! there goes an account number i don't know of..6019xxxxxxxx6228. the money was transferred online and its shows that it was approved like as if i was the one who transferred it. so having worried that the money was transferred by mistake to a colleague, i asked our accounting head if there is such set of numbers that belong to one of the employees so we can just transfer it back to my account.. its appears that it was not in our records at all. with this, comparison was made with the account numbers of my collegue who was debited a month back... and as she was a newbie, i made a comparison with the mysterious account number and hers.. which turned out that the account numbers are almost the same. which means the mysterious account number was just a new account! and possible its just within the area.. if im not mistaken, account numbers have their codes for a certain area and location and account. so if the account number is similar as ours,, it must have been of the same atm account type as i have verified my sister's as well to make sure i was coming up with the right conclusion. my friend, who transferred her money was also worried ofcourse since she was badly in need of cash too that time.. good thing she knows someone from the main branch of the bank. so what she did was, she consulted her friend (which i was thankful for her great help) about our scenario. cause with the facts i have at hand, i was thinking that there is a possible fraud going on..( i wouldnt complain in the first place if i knew the account number was someone i have given authority to..besides, there isnt anyone who knows my pin and my account number that goes with it ) so when my friend consulted her friend about it, we gave the account number in question and my account number. its like we will be filing a questionable transfer without having to withdraw or do anything at all. her friend adviced us that she will be getting back to us once she would have any updates. apparently, she told her boss about my case and her boss decided to actually find out what transpired in the process..

turned out to be the account was indeed frauded! and it was an inside job! but not just an inside job.. there was someone inside and out of the company involved in the process.

last week, we got an update from our source.. it turned out to be that my debited transaction turned out to be a case.. an actual legal case. we would be filing a case against the people involved..

with that we have to come up with a certain amount of money to pay for the atty's fee.. as i am determined to file a case for these people. the bank actually helped us with the case as it could also be a bad publicity on their part. we had to come up with a big sum of money so we can file the case immediately. good thing we were able to find the amount asap. with the support of friends, and financial help, we were able to collect the money in the nick of time.

saturday, feb 12, the arrest for the people involved was done. and i was informed about it.. rather a so called arrest. as they made it appear as if he was really arrested and bailed out the next day.. on a sunday! (it was too late when i was adviced that there are no bails on a sunday)

i was shocked when i actually found out who was behind everything..surprisingly.. it was someone unexpected.. someone who used to be a friend.. who despise everything about me for the reason i don't really know..

funny how a simple assumption can make a difference..

and it turned out.. i was not the only victim.. he had made previous transactions as such but of smaller amount than of mine.. no wonder he wanted my friend to get out of my jurisdiction.. tsk tsk.. i cant imagine how someone could stoop down so low just to get even..

its amazing how things have turned around so fast. many updates has been made and and things turned out the way we thought it was. we found out that the atty from the company was an accomplice (which explains the arrest and bail issue and the so called "story behind the coincidental transfer and frame up story to make sure that the person who gave my information will appear as a frame up.." ) and you know why? because one of the so called mastermind involved was actually the vice president of the company. which the bank themselves found out, they have been doing it for quite some time already.. its sad to know that the person of wealth would do such thing.

today, feb 21, the results were out and the sentences are served. we are fine with the results, as they were found guilty without doubts but the sentence given was quite unfair as its just a year of imprisonment. and they have been doing it for years now. its was just now that they have come across someone who would actually complain, after all, 8k is not a joke for someone who works hard for the money. pity how such a little amount (compared to millions) could make people do such things.. "dahil lang sa 8 libo.. hinayaan mong madungisan yung pangalan at dangal mo" .

sometimes it makes you think.. how could some people be so low.. to think, they are already rich, and as for my "friend" who told many lies just to get away with it, quoting:" mahirap lang kami, pero may dignidad kami" does not apply to you. hindi kami nanghahamak.. ikaw ang umagrabyado.. at kami ang naperwisyo.. di mo alam kung gano kasakit samin ang naging sitwasyon dahil sa kagagawan mo at kababawan mo.. sabi mo nga.. "God bless nalang sayo.." ang sagot ko sayo? "thank you.. pinagpapala talaga ni Lord ang mga inaapi.. "

may this serve as a lesson for everyone. especially to you my "friend" .

in the end.. the truth shall still prevail and He will never give us trials we can never overcome. admittedly, there was a time i was about to give up on the case. but blessings kept coming in the most unexpected way.

i want to thank this opportunity to thank those who have helped out. financially and moral support. without you, we wouldnt have made it till the end. you know who you are and i need not mention names. my heartfelt thank you! BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

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