Saturday, July 31, 2010

I was then.. I am am now...

I know.. I know.. I havent been able to post for quite sometime... been quite busy this month..

Too much had happened for the month of July.. some are just too much to handle.. I've been sick, I've been in pain, I've been crying..I've been worrying, Ive been struggling.. I've been travelling.. I aged, I lost, I moved on, and most importantly, I changed.

I have been sick for the past weeks.. even before our cebu trip.. I guess.. I have been too tired thinking.. worrying and impatiently waiting for nothing..and just when I thought I am feeling a little better.. i didnt expect something is yet to come... 2 days before my cebu trip.. my eyes have been swollen because of crying for some personal reason I ought not to publish. (not that I am not brave enough.. its just that i'd rather not.. as it no longer matters anyway...)...

July 18, we have to wake up early and meet up around 4am so we can catch our flight and not be late and still have time to eat breakfast at the airport... (tikman lang namin ang difference ng jollibee sa labas at loob ng airport.. lol)

around 10am, we met up with our colleagues who were there first and settled our things..and ofcourse, get ready for lunch...

then we had our city tour..courtesy of Yoj's Friend Dax...

after the city tour.. we had to go back to the place where we were staying to get some rest... (we made sure na sulit.. kasi that is the only day magkakasa kasama kami eh.) around 8:30 pm, we met up with another of Yoj's friend Sher and had dessert at the dessert factory... (foodtrip to the max.. kumusta ang diet! waaaaaaa...) lolz..

@mooon cafe..

@dessert factory .. with all the witchy hats :D

After that, we headed back to the room and got some rest.. as the next day, some of our friends would be heading back to Pampanga... Then, there were just the 3 of us left..

After breakfast, we headed to find a resort in Mactan Island, Cebu so we get the chance to have our "beach day". Heard the trip to Bantayan Cebu is wayyyyyyy to long.. though they said its worth the long trip).. then we settled in Portofino and ofcourse.. that is where we made babad.. and pictorial galore... lol... July 21, we went back to Pampanga and waited straight to the office.
During my course of stay there.. I decided to leave everything behind.. all the heartache , bitterness, tears and pain.. and after that trip, indeed, I made sudden changes within myself physically and mentally and most important.. emotionally... I feel more confident with myself.. I have started to love myself more and I'm sure people around me can notice. I started wearing slippers which i dont do at all unless at home (having something different than all other people). I used to be scared that people will judge me because of that.. but now.. I dont simply care what others would say if they see what is different in me. Second, I had a new hair cut.. my hair was cut short.. compared to the one i had.


I also decided to close my doors for possibility of loving again.. and concentrate more on loving myself.. And lastly, I see things more in a positive note. analyzing things and my own perspective.. It like Im telling myself.. its about time... you deserve to be happy.. and being happy doesnt necessarily mean you have to have a special someone. right?

But you really can't be happy for too long.. after a few days, my bro messaged me regarding my mom being rushed to the hospital.. the doctor was thinking it is a possible brain infection. They had to make series of test and get some samples in her spinal cord.. ;(.. but thank God..the results turned out negative. She was already home and we were able to talk to her.. She just needed to rest.. probably.. she is over worked and thinks too much too.. Its very hard to know that the one you love is sick.. and you cant do anything about it.. but God is good..

And now, I'm back to being happy ... I actually like the new me.. new, better, wiser,positive and stronger me.. ;) ...

I am starting a new life.. and I am starting all over again.. no one said it would be easy.. but I know.. He will stay with me all through out.. ;)


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Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Astig ah. Nagbisita kayo sa Cebu. Na miss ko tuloy yung lugar na yan. Nakita ko yung pic ng Fort San Pedro at Basilica ng Santo Nino.

You are moving into a new and brighter direction eh? Good for you. Continue the positive change. ^_^