Saturday, June 19, 2010

just when i thought

What if I told you, i'm going away
Would you be missing me at all?
What if i told you, i just can't stay
Cause I cant bare the to see the pain take its toll

what if i told you; that i love you;
though I kept denying the fact, that we can be together;
Would you let me go, without further ado
Or would you touch my hand and hold it forever?

I never planned to feel this way;
Forgive my heart if I did;
But little did we notice, I won't survive a day;
Without having to see, or text you; though there is no need

I wish you could see, how much i wish you are mine;
Because little that we know, my heart crossed between the line
The line between friendship and love had been eliminated
The boundary I made, that I wish to keep was taken for granted;

But it seems my heart has been too late to realize
That its you I adore, and this feeling came as a surprise
But you seem so happy, with the girl who captured your heart
I'm glad to see you that way, in spite of the pain, that shattered me apart

I guess its time for me to let you go.
Little by little, I'll get by on my own
Perhaps someday, I'll find my future beau;
Someone who can prevent my heart from being alone...


Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Aha! Another sad poem eh.

Have a nice day.

nahj12 said...

thanks for dropping by ishmael... yeah.. sad to say.. i have lost a friend because of this..

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Oh oh...that is not good to hear. Well, hope you find that lost friend again or better yet, you find a better one.

nahj12 said...

di na pwede eh.. may mga bagay na binitawan na din a pwede ibalik.. which is more painful.. magsorry man.. may lamat na :(

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Yeah. It is just like a mirror. Once broken, it could never be return to its original unbroken form.

Anonymous said...

Time heals inner wounds...

nahj12 said...

yeah.. it defintely do.. ;)