Friday, February 13, 2009

PreValentine :)

Valentines day.. is just an ordinary day for most singles.. especially for me.. but as small as our office, they see to it, that they celebrate every special occasion.. with even a little something for all...

At work today, we were "forced" to wear the color "red". its a good thing, its just the 13th.. and not the real Feb 14 date! ..

Anyway, we have had a small program earlier together with the whole company (which consist of atleast 20 peeps! hehehe...

We had this game which we were each given a questionnaire about love life of each person. Then the Head will be the one to collect all those questionnaires. Then, the game master had provided us a quiz (parang trivia) to the whole group. (that was for 1 week. (3 questions a day for 5 days.) And today was the "revelation" day! ... We had fun guessing who's romantic experience is who's. It was a fun activity and we even learned more about the people around us.

And last but not the least!!.. we have cake!!

Syempre.. since feel ko daw ang red.. nag pa pic muna.. bago makadating sa office :D

Too bad may bad news.. wala pa daw sweldo.. sa monday palang daw.. WAAAA.. lol..

Anyway, Happy Valentines Everyone!!!! To all couples.. enjoy your day!.. sa mga singles na gaya ko.. TARA! TAGAY TAYO! Celebration.. for freedom, peace and love to come! heheh :)..till next time! :).. mwahh


Summer said...

ay shet sushal :D hehehe. mga loveless hehehe

agnes said...

Well, happy Valentine's Day to you too!

CoLine said...

Sis, Vday is not just for lovers, it's for family and friends too! Anyway, it's just valentine's day, everyday can be Vday sis! Just spread some love and blow some kisses. Ü muah!

G said...

happy valentine's day to you..
congratulation then :)

greetings from Jakarta Indonesia, happy blogging friend :)

GAGAY said...


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