Friday, February 13, 2009

Enchanting Tagaytay

After long time! finally a vacation... I was actually invited by my previous collegue for an over night trip.. to tagaytay. But ofcourse, first stop is in Enchanted Kingdom.

Most of my friends are first timers sa enchanted unlike me, LOL. Still the place brings out the child in me. I love the rides (even the scariest ones!!!) Yes, I rode the SPACE SHUTTLE again and again! (only one per visit ofcourse). I enjoyed most is the picture taking galore (being a camera addict and all). Here are only some of the pics taken.:)

We even rode the grand rapids twice and got all soak after. Then, off we go to Tagaytay! after an hour or so drive, we went to the transient my friends saw over the net.

The house was WOW! I couldn't help but imagine my self owning such a house. Some are the pictures of the venue itself. Aside from the strong breeze the place is perfect for vacation purposes. away from the city and the view is so calming.

All I can say, i was tired, but i did enjoy that trip. But most of all.. I enjoyed the company of my friends.. whom I missed so much when I left the company I used to work with...

Love you guys.. mwahhhhhhhhh.. till next trip :)