Saturday, July 5, 2008

Have I finally found the one?

A simple smile from you,
would mean a lot
for with that simple smile,
my world turned bright as the sun..

The very first time I've met you..
you were able to catch my attention..
There seems to be a force in me..
That I can't seem to ignore

I would want to be with you,
I would like to try
Though I've just been from a heartache,
You seem to have captured my mind..

I must admit, at first I have doubts,
For I don't want to fall and get hurt again..
But what can i do, if your always on my mind..
I can't seem to forget you.. no matter how i try..

After all this years of searching.
After all this years of waiting,
Is it possible, that I've found him?
The one, who'd swift me off my feet?

Maybe so, or maybe not,
But how am I to know?
That your the one,
I've been waiting for.. all this time..

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