Friday, December 25, 2009

Until When

why does emptiness fills me;
inspite of everything that surrounds me
could it be because the only thing i wanted;
Could never surpass anything that is branded?

It has been quite a while I've lived my life alone
All on my own, without a "YOU", I have grown
But now it seems, ive have been searching for something
Inspite of all, of what i have been having

Could it be due, to the season of giving,
Or maybe because of the love I've been receiving
From people around me, though inspite of this
I can't seem to have, the most important bliss

I guess maybe its time,for me to finally set in
that I need to find the love, that seems to be held within
I don't know where to find him, I dont know where to look,
Could he be a total stranger, for this heart of mine he took

Could it be someone, I have known all my life
Or someone who I wanted, but I know I could never have
When will be the time, I will finally be with him forever
Does he even know, I exist, nor should leave me never?

I hope he would come, while I am still capable of loving
For the day would come, I'll get tired of waiting
If that happens, I will never be so sure
That I can still fall, for someone whose love would be pure...


Denizen said...

Divine’s Will

Do not fret for what you have not
Or listen for a sound from an unfired shot
Seek not for treasures found
For you know it, in your life, they abound

Loneliness is but a word for the sightless
Mutes and deaf who abandoned their other senses
Open your eyes, if not, listen with your ears
You are not alone, do not shed tears

Learn not to seek joy from others
But find it within, release its fetters
Love yourself first before you seek him out
Or else be slaved and be riddled with doubt

Appreciate the love you receive around
From family and friends, don’t feel down
Thank fate for the love you have without fail
For romantic love is not always a fairy tale

My friend, do not haste to seek
Let time judge, let God to pick
As you said, you don’t know where to find him
You might get lost because of mere whim

Keep in mind that love is by choice
Not sudden attractions to heartthrob boys
Burst your dream bubble, follow that inner voice
Remember yourself when you make the choice

Until when, until when should you wait
Until the stars all fall, the cock crows late?
Until winds die down, the sea lay still?
No… until you appreciate the Divine’s will

While the sun still rise and moon yet drifts
While summer comes and rain still weeps
That day will come when your heart turns light
When love beats out that melancholic blight

Such a gentle heart will never lose the ability
To share love and care with all sincerity
Be strong and importantly, keep the faith
For true love comes in time and is never late

nahj12 said...

aray ko.. parang dapat di na ko nagpopost ng gawa ko.. natatalbugan ng gawa mo.. hehehe.. thanks my friend ;)

Denizen said...

Nah, your work is perfect for it expresses what is in your heart. Now, that is true poetry. Be proud, your work inspired this piece... Happy New Year! :)