Thursday, October 1, 2009


Feeling sentimental, I look out the window;
Rain pouring down hard and flows down below
As the drops keep hitting the ground
Pain and memories keeps hunting me around

I always thought, these would no longer be recalled;
Buried painful memries as if it would be the story dared to be told
But I was wrong to assume that everything is alright;
That I was able to move on and kept you out of my sight

I just then realize,the memories that I kept inside hiding
Are the ones, I ought to let go so i can keep on going
Starting a new, from scratch and out of nothing
So I can live my life, and start a beginning of something

I know someday, I'll come to that stage;
Where in the painful memories will come at age
And a new found love will come along
And bring new memories that will last for long

I wish that would be soon, I could only hope for the best
But no rush in finding love, as I want it to last
Forever, I shall look forward, to put my mind at rest;
That someday till forever, my future will never be my past...


Denizen said...

At last... the lost poet surfaces.

enJAYneer said...

i love your poem nahj.. galing..

nahj12 said...

thanks dear :)

enJAYneer said...

I've added you up on my blogroll pala.. ;)