Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Skype :)

This week had been a headache.. as early as now.. at home and especially at work...

Well, I do understand rules are rules.. BUT no one will find out unless someone would spill the beans right?

What am I talking about you may ask.. Its a rule in our office that was addressed just because of someone I'd rather not mention.

Non-business related activities are not prohibited unless caught.. well.. at work, we are allowed to have access to skype, well, atleast for back end peeps, as we are constantly communicating with the big boss and the people in UK warehouse, so we need that as means of communication.

Well, I must admit, there are some instances that we talk about issues within the company, some we laugh about, some we get angry about and some we are just fond of making fun of. Not that we are directly mocking the person (call me mean.. but that person is just worth mocking because of her well known attitude).

Anyway, ofcourse, this particular person has to tell her beloved, the unfair practice of having a Skype account for backend, while she can't have one for herself. What is her need for it? nothing.. perhaps chatting with her friends and beloved all day without having to work anymore? then if that is the case.. why not just resign??? anyway.. sustentado naman ata eh..

So since she can take advantage of the situation, she just don't want us to be happy and have a chit chat our own cause she knows, it could be her we are talking about. while she thinks she can do everything she wants just because. And I guess.. NOT doing her job well is part of it.

Well, I hope she's happy, cause that is the only thing that she can do. One thing that she can never do, is destroy the bonded friendship that me and my colleagues had gained with or without Skype. We can still have our fun times without office issues interfering.

So now, all you can read in our skype conversations? EMOTICONS! :D and my signature emoticon |( (rolling eyes) lolz.

I just need to vent out.. and this is my way of doing so..

Again : bato bato sa langit, ang tamaan, ala akong pakielam ...

(that is if she can comprehend well with what i am trying to put across.)

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