Sunday, February 22, 2009

random thoughts

here i am again,
up in the middle of the night
keep thinking of ways
to get you out of my mind

thoughts of you kept pouring in
as much as i want you out
keep thinking somethings amiss
and i cant seem to figure out

i know i should forget you..
its no longer right to keep on going
torturing myself by reminiscing
those memories that now should be gone

my head is in a daze
my mind is spinning in circles
cant help myself but wonder
when will this ever stop

will i ever get over you?
a question that keeps sinking in
my mind keeps saying i will
but my heart begs to disagree

i wish its just that easy
to dictate this heart of mine
to erase all those memories
that you have left behind


dylan said...

ang puso nga naman fren pag nakurot sobrang sakit grrr.. i asked for a sign fren, binigay naman kaya eto ako moving on na hihihi.. let's be happy and celebrate singleness-FOR NOW! lols

nahj12 said...

well.. hope i could easily say i saw the sign.. hahha:)

Inkee said...

Naku, naku, naku.. puso nga naman.. ndi mo matuturuan. buti pa mga kindergarten eh! heheheh! nice poem, friend. kinurot mo na naman ang puso ko. :)

nahj12 said...

haha,, oo nga friend.. pasaway talaga ang puso! hayzz