Friday, January 23, 2009


Here i am again,struggling within me
The feeling i never really thought I have for you
I used to say, this will never be
more than just friendship that was then full of hue

You came around, just when I needed a friend
Someone to talk to, someone to make me smile
You treat me so special,and with that we truly blend
You would even say you'd run an extra mile

Many times, I tried to stay away from you
Cause I was starting to feel special deep inside
You may have shown me, i am special, for you too
Telling me your looking forward to always be by my side

But everything seems to be different
For what ever reason, I am not aware of
I tried to question myself and I started to be hesitant
Of the feelings you have for me is truly not enough

Perhaps those simple gestures are merely just acts of kindness
Maybe I've made assumptions, perhaps the feeling could be the same
Was I really assuming? Could all those just be blindness?
Or maybe.. just maybe..all is just part of your game

I will always wonder what could have been if we tried
Would we be more happy, if you have just stayed by my side
But nevertheless, all is in vain now
Leaving me pain, for this feelings cause I have to bid goodbye.

- nahj_12

just an expression.. just feeling senti.. just want to share.. :)


yasashi said...

hi sis wow what a fantastic,full of meaning,and great poem you share with us today..well,i can say it touch my heart and be related for what you have inside because i feel the same way too,waaaa...yeah its hard to be in waiting rather i say its tiring of waiting for somebody you know who just wasting time and always be coward to admit what they feel inside they intend to hide it without knowing they hurt that know time is running if you dont tell now then when it gonna be the right time for you when the love fade and that person learn to keep away from you?tell me when is the right time boy....waaaa

dylan said...

huhuhu..ang drama ng poem uhuhu.. :D

stevevhan said...

i also have that feelings, the gestures, that it seems so sweet yet just an act of friendship!:)

--may you find peace in your heart!

Inkee said...


lol. great poem, hannah! :) sumagad sa buto ko. parang binutas mo ang aking puso. meron talaga mga ganun na tao, mga pa-cute lang. pero darating din ung taong nararapat sau. stay happy! think positive. ^_^ ...and drink your milk. hahaha.

CoLine said...

naku prettiest Goddess! hmmm para kanino kaya yan? si ano ba yan? hihihi =)

CoLine said...

hmmm...napaisip ako...yan ba yng parang taong grasa? u know wat i mean hihihi

joops said...

nice thoughts...