Monday, November 10, 2008

Tag ni Jhelea

I would like to thank Jhelea for tagging me along.

Well, here are my answers:

A. Attached or single?~~~certified single
B. Best friend? ~~~ bestfriend ko? depende.. kung sino umaaway sakin.. hahahha
C. Cake or pie? ~~~ cake.. gusto ko.. chocolate mousse
D. Day of choice?~~~ sunday din.. kasi day off.. hahahha
E. Essential item?~~~ cellphone
F. Favorite colour?~~~blue
G. Gummy bears or worms?~~~iwww.. hahahha.. mas gusto ko ang bear
H. Hometown?~~~Angeles Pampanga, Philippines! Mabuhay
I. Favorite indulgence?~~~food trip.. kaya nga lumalaki eh.. grrr..
J. January or July?~~~July.. syempre.. birthday ko.. hahahha
K. Kids?~~~3.. nieces and nephew.. hahahha.. my own kids? ala eh.. sayang nga.. hahha
L. Life isn’t complete without?~~~me.. joke..
M. Marriage date?~~~after nth years.. wala pa kasi yung groom.. hinihintay ko pa.. hahhaha.
N. Number of magazine subscriptions:hmm.. wala
O. Oranges or apples?~~~Apples nalang
P. Phobias?~~~ spiders.. waaaaaaaa
Q. Quotes?~~~"Never pretend to be interested, if deep inside you know you can't prove it. Cause pretension could hurt the person who all along thought... it was for real.." o diba.. gawa ko yan..
R. Reasons to smile?~~~life itself.. complications, trials.. they make me smile.. cause they make me stronger..
S. Season of choice?~~~winter.. sarap ng may kayakap.. kaso.. wala ako.. waaaaaaaa.. hahaha
T. Tag 5 people.~~~ hmmm.. kung sino gusto mag tag..tag your it.. hahhaha
U. Unknown fact about me?~~~i'm also crazy.. kaso.. not just when inlove.. I am crazy all year long.. kamahanak ko si sisa.. bakit ba.. hahahha
V. Vegetable?~~~hmmm.. ano to? hahah
W. Worst habit?~~~Eating too much!!!!(ko din..hahah)
X. X-ray or ultrasound?~~~Ultrasound .. gusto ko.. yung kita talaga yung magiging baby ko sa future.. 3G ba yon?
Y. Your favorite foods?~~~pasta.. yummy...
Z. Zodiac sign?~~~Cancer

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jHeLea said...

hello there sis salamat at done ka na din with this tag hahahah