Monday, October 6, 2008

Malling ulit

After a Saturday malling day with my friends, Sunday was a malling day for my family.. together with my sister and her family.. So I literally convinced them to go to SM san fernando pa, since i was in SM clark the day before.. so off we go.. it was past lunch time when we have reached there. So, we looked for something to eat. Eh since my sister wanted to try out "Barrio Fiesta". so we searched the whole SM Pampanga para naman ma try.. (and I actually regret the fact, that i asked them to eat there). Ayoko naman sirain yung resto.. maybe nagkataon lang.. basta.. ayoko customer service nila.. to think.. expensive ang food and all..pero... basta.. no comment. ).. anyway.. syempre.. food tripping..

kanin palang.. ulam na.. hehhehe

then.. sa sobrang badtrip ko.. nagaaya akong umalis ng sm pampanga.. so.. sabi ko.. balik kami SM clark.. hehehe.. so dun.. naman kami kumain ng dinner.. haahha.. kaso.. alang picture..nag low bat phone ko.. lolz.. yon lang..


Joops said...

wow, the fried rice looks so good!

chubskulit said...

sarap ng nilaga!

Meia said...

mukhang nakakabusog ang rice. :)

Marlene said...

wow...parang ang yummy..nagutom ako...

♥GEnYZe♥ said...

anu ab yan sis..kakagutom :D

ColorsEveryWhere said...

sis waaaaaaa nakakatakam yan masisira na naman diet ko nyan hahaha... well at least nag enjoy ka naman sa pagkuha ng pictures ng food...

nahj12 said...

hahah.. nagutom ang madlang people.. :)

MarcoPaolo said...

rapsa... yummmyyy! :)

berlai said...

sayang yung mga ganyan na kainan noh?
masarap at mahal nga nababadtrip ka naman habang kumakain :)

RiyAh said...

Ganun? Mas wag mong itry sa Mang Inasal! If you are really dying to eat na dahil manunuyot ka na sa tagal nilang maserve yung food mo! The taste of the food is nice and affordable. Kaso nga lang 48 years bago mabigay sayo.

FX said...


ka bute said...

huwaw. nakakagutom. :))

nahj12 said...

marcopaolo, kabute and fx - hehehe.. oo..masarap yung rice.. infairness
berlai - oo nga.. kaya nga imbes na mag desert.. sabi ko.. sa ibang place nalang..
riyah - ay ganun? thanks for the tip :)

Anonymous said...

parang 3 months na akong di nakakapunta ng mall...

NiƱa said...

mahal jan diba? :-s

nahj12 said...

hala joshmarie.. visit ka naman.. nakakaunwind din.. hehe

nina.. oo sis.. mahal talga.. 1800 kaya bill namin..

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