Sunday, September 21, 2008

a week in review..

hmmm.. sige na nga.. bagong post.. hehehe..

Well, been busy these past few days, halos ala akong tulog... kaya saglit lang nakakapagonline.. anyway.. dito lang ako sa pampanga nagala this time.. i just want to share my whole week's escapade..

First of... monday... syempre malling ako. with my sister and my niece, so mega window shopping kami, we came across a cellphone shop that caught my attention, kasi, i saw a phone na attractive, so I asked the price of the phone.. the sales rep said.. it was around 13 thousand but if you use a credit card, it would cost around 15 thou.. so i decided to pass cause I dont really want to max out my newly activated credit card.. hahahha... so, i decided not to go through with it anyway. While walking, i was checking out my phone.. and I saw 4 missed calls from a unknown number. its a good thing that the person who tried to call me contacted me again. It turned out to the company I have applied to over the net.Anyway, they said they would contact me if they would find me qualified and guess what.. they called me after a few hours. lol. Scheduled for final interview last friday.

Tuesday, ano nga ba ginawa ko? been resting the whole day, kasi, i haven't had much rest the day before.

Wednesday, malling nanaman ako.. and finally, i decided to go ahead and purchase the cp that i have found online, (kasi naman. .research ng research.. sa lahat ng features na gusto ko. hahahah.. )so i finally made a decision to basically purchase it using my credit card (which is 15k Plus (ouch) well.. it is worth the phone anyway, and I have been enjoying it till now.. hhahaha.. .Its actually a Sony Ericsson C702.. anyway..

Thursday, I wasn't online as well, been busy with making kalkal my new phone eh. hahaha..

Friday, the dreaded day...waaaa.. I have an interview with the company who called me up last monday, so mega prepare ako.. after 5 years, its was the first time i got an interview from another company. (yes, i was stuck with the same company for 5 years). waaaa.. Well, the interview went fine, but no results yet. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed, hopefully, i will get the job. Wish me lots of luck.. anyway...

Saturday, since I hadn't had any sleep yesterday, i tried to sleep but i just can't. siguro, may nagiisip sakin.. hahaha.. then, work mode parin.

Sunday... finally.. day off na..this morning, my collegues and I decided to take a walk sa park na malapit sa work, just to release stress, so, mega picture nanaman kami.. heheh.. syempre..gamit na yung new phone ko.. hehehhe

o diba.. may historical effect ang park sa tabi tabi.. hahahha

anyway, after that, i went to the mall nanaman, and purchased a memory card for my new cp.. (kasi di sya kasama .. sad no.. anyway.. )now.. i have 2gig of expandable memory and 160 of internal memory.. hahahha.. so ngayon.. mega download ako ng files ko. :D.. back to blogging..

ala lang.. just want to share my busy week kaya di ako masyado online.. I missed my blog.. hahhaha :)


ckulit said...

gorgeous pictures actually.... hinay hinay baka magkasakit ka hehehe..

kaye said...

wow sis ganda quality ng pics nice phone :)

hannah said...

rose - hindi naman sis.. restless lang talga this week.. but thanks..

kaye - oo nga sis.. naaamaze ako.. =))

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♥GEnYZe♥ said...

Nice view...Gusto ko rin Tuloy pUnta Province :)

badz said...

hi.. Godbless s result s interview!!
have a wonderful life

jha said...

yesh! bago cellphone. nice phone huh? =)

nahj12 said...

thanks sa mga dumadaan :)

NiƱa said...

naks! sama mo ako sa lakwatsa some other time! :)

autumn said...

ganda naman. tignan lang yun mga pics nakakarelax na ng feeling. =]

jules said...

wow galing naman! ok tlaga ang sony ericson ne! :)

yuri said...

hannah, nice shots! :)

nahj12 said...

oo nga.. thanks thanks.. :)

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